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Investor profile

The Income MultiFund aims to provide a lower risk, lower volatility investment option over the medium to longer-term.  It is suitable for clients with an investment time horizon of 3 to 5 years.  Investing in the fund involves a risk to capital in order to achieve the desired return.

Risk profile

Low to medium

 medium to low risk

The greater the amount of risk an investor is willing to take on the greater the potential return.

Peer group

Morningstar Global Bonds


3-month LIBID over 3 – 5 years



Dealing frequency


Notice period for subscriptions and redemptions is 12 noon (Irish time) one day prior to dealing.

Who should invest?

The Income MultiFund is suited to those investors seeking low risk, low volatility returns over the medium to long-term, with a potential for a regular income stream.

Investment manager

An Isle of Man asset manager licensed by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority providing Administration and Asset Management services to collective investment schemes of collective investment schemes of $3.6bn. 

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Fees (excluding VAT)

Portfolio management fees

A 1.25%

C 0.40%

Inception date

26 January 2012

Income distribution

Latest date

None – accumulation only

Minimum investment

Investment sum

Lump sum 1500 USD

Multi-Asset funds

Multi-asset funds aim to provide investors with moderate levels of income and capital growth (at moderate levels of capital volatility), by investing in a range of different asset classes. These funds are often appropriate for investors with medium to longer investment horizons.

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Equity funds

Equity funds aim to provide investors with high levels of capital growth (at high levels of volatility) by investing in listed equities. These portfolios are often appropriate for investors with longer investment horizons.

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Multi-Manager Funds

Our International Multi-Manager range comprises the Growth MultiFund, the Balanced MultiFund and the Income MultiFund managed on a fund-of-fund basis; each is available in US dollars or sterling. Shares in each sub-fund are accumulating, with the Income MultiFund also having a distributing share class. Three fee classes are available, a lower fee class being available to clients with larger amounts of money to invest; a "clean" class is also included.

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