Quarter 3 Insights 2019

I'm biased. And so are you...

I’m biased. And so are you…

By Nic Andrew, Executive Head of Nedgroup Investments

Nic Andrew

We all suffer from biases that distract us from making the right decisions. There is a real gap between how we should invest and what we actually do.

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A unique approach to Investing around the world

By Nedgroup Investments, .

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Global Diversified Equity Fund (GDE) as the latest addition to our Best of Breed global fund...

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Living Annuities: why you might be giving up important...

By Anil Jugmohan, Senior Investment analyst

Anil Jugmohan

Many investors are switching to Income investments given recent returns. Why is this important if you are in a living annuity?

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Emerging Markets: Preparing for the next upswing?

By Ian Beattie, Fund Manager of the Nedgroup Investments Global Emerging Markets Fund

Ian Beattie

Emerging markets are, by their very nature, favourably positioned for future growth. What are the factors that need to occur for this growth...

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Three questions a DIY investor needs to ask themselves...

By Jannie Leach, Head of Core Investments

Jannie Leach

Do-it-yourself (DIY) investing appeals to a range of investors who prefer to manage their own savings and investments.

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Don’t sabotage your retirement savings – It’s easier than...

By Denver Keswell, Senior Legal Advisor

Denver Keswell

There is a lesser-known effcet of early withdrawals on retireement savings - the tax effects.


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Unlock the real value of your financial planner – and it’s...

By Gavin Kyte, Regional Sales Manager, Nedgroup Investments

Gavin Kyte

What if we told you that the real value you get from having a financial planner is not necessarily the returns from your investments

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Subscale unit trust funds…what the numbers show

By Trevor Garvin, Head of Multi-Management

Trevor Garvin

There are a large number of sub-scale funds which results in them becomming very cost ineffective. Investors should be careful when investing...

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Faction fights on three fronts

By JP Landman, Political analyst

JP Landman

Faction fights are currently being fought on three fronts: the SARB, land expropriation without compensation, and the Public...

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Proud to be a YES employer

By Nedgroup Investments, .

Nedgroup Investments is proud to support Nedbank’s commitment to the Youth Employment Service (YES).

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