Quarter 2 Insights 2017

Staying the course in a world of accelerated change

Staying the course in a world of accelerated change

By Nic Andrew, Head of Nedgroup Investments

Nic Andrew

I write this in the very fluid aftermath of Zuma’s decision to reshuffle his cabinet. There is no doubt, that this is bad for South Africa.

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A word with Dave Foord, manager of the Nedgroup Investments...

By Anil Jugmohan, Investment analyst

Anil Jugmohan

A one-on-one with Dave Foord to get key insight into the Nedgroup Investments Stable Fund.

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How does the US interest rate cycle affect you?

By Ray Wallace, Manager of the Nedgroup Investments Money Market Fund

Ray Wallace

Everyone knew that the low rates in the US would not continue indefinitely. We look at the effects of the recent rate hikes.

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Managing investments in an ever-changing world

By Nedgroup Investments, .

The world we live in today is changing at a sometimes dizzying pace and often forces us in completely unexpected directions.

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Nedgroup Investments Core Accelerated Fund - The importance...

By Jannie Leach, Head of Core Investments

Jannie Leach

The Nedgroup Investments Core Accelerated Fund has been designed specifically for the earlier stages of your financial life as you lay...

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Risk profile and time frame - the building blocks of a...

By Seugnet de Villiers, Investment analyst

Seugnet de Villiers

Achieving your savings or investment goals starts with determining an appropriate mix of fund categories for your unique financial needs.

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Will listed property weather the storms?

By Vuyo Nzube, Investment analyst

Vuyo Nzube

Amidst the uncertain local and global environment, we examine the potential impact on the listed property sector.

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45% tax is real: Time to be tax efficient

By Denver Keswell, Senior legal advisor

Denver Keswell

The 2017 budget introduced the highest marginal rate of tax for South Africans since the 1999/2000 tax year. Time to get...

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