International funds

Our International Funds are constituted as UCITS domiciled in Ireland and governed by European legislation. UCITS are now regarded globally as the gold standard for regulated funds with robust risk management procedures and a strong emphasis on investor protection. UCITS are not only accepted in the European Union but are widely recognised by Regulators as the international fund structure of choice in Asia, Middle East, South Africa and Latin America. Browse through the international funds below for more detail on the funds that best suit your needs.

Multi-Asset funds

Multi-asset funds aim to provide investors with moderate levels of income and capital growth (at moderate levels of capital volatility), by investing in a range of different asset classes. These funds are often appropriate for investors with medium to longer investment horizons.

Equity funds

Equity funds aim to provide investors with high levels of capital growth (at high levels of volatility) by investing in listed equities. These portfolios are often appropriate for investors with longer investment horizons.

Multi-Manager Funds

Our International Multi-Manager range comprises the Growth MultiFund, the Balanced MultiFund and the Income MultiFund managed on a fund-of-fund basis; each is available in US dollars or sterling. Shares in each sub-fund are accumulating, with the Income MultiFund also having a distributing share class. Three fee classes are available, a lower fee class being available to clients with larger amounts of money to invest; a "clean" class is also included.

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